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Ambassador LIU Guijin interviewed by SABC Africa on FOCAC and China-Africa relations.

on October 16, 2006, H.E.Mr. Liu Guijin, China's ambassador to South Africa, receives a 30-minute TV interview with South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) on FOCAC and China-Africa relations.

When asked about china's sojourn in Africa and trade with African countries especially in the sector of oil and natural resources, Ambassador Liu reiterates that China develops friendly relations and cooperation with all countries on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence. Principles of cooperation and win-win are imbedded deeply in China's long-term engagement in African Continent. China's commercial interests in African Continent are not limited in oil and natural resources. Ambassador Liu also rebuts the criticism on China's trade with Sudan, saying that business should not be politicized. He elaborates that China-Sudan cooperation is conducive to developing the local economy and improving people's livelihood. China has all along played a positive and constructive role in maintaining and promoting the peace and stability of Sudan. For example, China has dispatched peacekeeping troops to Sudan in line with UN resolution.

Ambassador LIU also introduces the tangible results of the FOCAC since 2000. China has organized over 300 training courses and has trained about 14,600 personnel for Africa.

Dr. Garth LePere, Executive Director of the Institute for Global Dialogue is also at the interview. He believes that African countries have enjoyed profound and deep relationship with China which has never been enjoyed with any colonial powers. Since the establishment of FOCAC, which is an important and strategic forum, China has been increasing its commitment to the African Continent in a positive manner.

SABC AFRICA prime time news program "60 minutes" airs the interview.

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