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Ambassador Liu Guijin hosted farewell reception in South Africa

H.E.Mr. Liu Guijin, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the Republic of South Africa and Mrs. Liu hosted a farewell reception in Pretoria, South Africa on March 26th, 2007. Hon.Minister Ronald Kasrils, Minister of Intelligence attended the reception as the representative of the South Africa government. Among the guests were also Hon. Ms. Frene Ginwala, former Speaker of the Natiaonal Assembly, foreign envoys, personages from political arena, businesses, media and representatives of local Chinese Community and Chinese companies, and staff members from the Chinese Embassy and Johannesburg Consulate General.

Ambassador Liu Guijin proposes a toast

 Hon.Minister ronald Kasrils delivers a short speech

Ambassador Liu delivered a humorous speech full of affection. He told the audience that 6 is an auspicious number which means success and smoothness in Chinese culture. He has been served as the ambassador to South Africa for 6 years and has celebrated his 60th birthday here. Today is 26th and he is going to depart from this country in 6 days' time. Ambassador pointed out that the past 6 years witnessed smoothly and successfully development of the bilateral relations between china and South Africa. Six years ago, trade between China and South Africa was barely around 2 billion us dollars, but by the end of last year, it rose to almost 10 billion. The Mutual investment, from China to S.A. and from S.A. to China increased almost four times. From Chinese side, it was barely $200 Million in 2000 and now by the end of last year the contractual investment from china was around 1 billion us dollars. About half of the amount come from private Chinese sectors. During his tenure in the past 6 years, he has have received 9 top Chinese leaders to visit South Africa. And from S.A. side, President Thabo Mbeki visited China twice for state visit. The China-South Africa strategic partnership has a bright future and will benefit the peoples of two countries and will contribute a lot to the peace and prosperity of the Continent and the world at large.

H.E.Ambassador & Mrs. LIU receives gift from Hon. Mr.& Mrs. Kasrils


Minister Kasrils, on behalf of the President of South Africa and the Goverenment, expressed his gratitude towards Ambassador Liu for his efforts in pushing forward the development of China-South Africa relations in the past 6 years. He said that he and Mrs. Kasrils flied from Cape Town to Pretoria that very afternoon to attend the reception, which is a testament of the value of China-South Africa relationship and their esteem to the Ambassador. Minister Kasrils has established very good personal relationship with the Ambassador and hopes the Ambassador can continue his efforts in promoting China-South Africa relations in the future.

Libyan Ambassador Abdulla A. Alzubeidi , Dean of the Diplomatic Corps also delivered a warm speech, thanking Ambassador liu for working as the dean of Asia diplomatic corps and wishing him all the best in the future.

The atmosphere of the reception was ardent, friendly and harmonious. The high ranking officials and other guests attending the reception bid farewell and took photos with the Ambassador and Mrs. Liu.

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