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Ambassador Zhong Jianhua met with "Chinese Enterprises in Africa" Project research members

On January 16, Ambassador Zhong Jianhua met with Mr. Cui Jianmin, Mr. Zhang Hongming, Deputy Directors of the Institute Of West Asian and African Studies(IWAAS) of China Academy of Social Science, Mr. James Reilly, Asia Representative of American Friends Service Commitee, Ms. Holly Greent, Southern Africa Representative of AFSC and other research members of "Development Chinese Enterprises in Africa and its influce on China-Africa Relation" Project.

Ambassador Zhong Jianhua met with Mr. Cui Jianmin, Deputy Director of IWAAS of China Academy of Social Science

Ambassador Zhong introduced the development of Chinese enterrpises in South Africa and discussed with the research members on topics including the quality safety of Chinese products, Chinese products' impact on Africa market, and Chinese enterprises' social responsibilities in Africa etc. Ambassador Zhong said that economic diplomacy is an integral part of China's diplomacy. Chinese government and its foreign missions attach great importance to foreign trade and investment cooperation. Chinese enterprises in South Africa are relatively small and are not fully integrated. But they have made contributions in job creation, tax and the development of relevant industry. Chinese enterprises' investment in South Africa is equal, win-win and has a bright future.

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