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China pledges to embark on a road of peaceful rise


(Xinhua) China expounded its "peaceful development road" concept in a white paper issued in Beijing on Thursday, pledging that "China is now taking the road of peaceful development, and will continue to do so when it gets stronger in the future."

It is "a serious choice and solemn promise made by the Chinese government and the Chinese people," said the document, issued by the Information Office of the State Council, China's cabinet.

Yue Xiaoyong, a professor with the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, said the white paper constitutes a summary of China's international strategy and national development strategy. It will play an important guiding role in China's development for a long time.

"To take the road of peaceful development is to unify domestic development with opening to the outside world, linking the development of China with that of the rest of the world, and combining the fundamental interests of the Chinese people with thecommon interests of all peoples throughout the world," said the document, titled "China's Peaceful Development Road."

The document said China has taken the road of peaceful development because it is an inevitable choice based on its national conditions, China's historical and cultural tradition and the present world development trend.

Yue said the release of the white paper shows China has reached a wide and serious consensus on pursuing peaceful development.

The white paper reflects China's further understanding of development, namely that domestic affairs should be considered in relation to international factors and vice versa, he said.

"It will help the international community to gain a better understanding of China and dispel the worries and misunderstanding of some people," said Yue. "It will also help retort to remarks about an emerging 'China threat'."

The document said China's development requires a peaceful international environment.

"For years, the Chinese government and people have made unremitting efforts to create a peaceful international environment," the white paper said.

It said China seeks a peaceful international environment so that it can concentrate on its own construction and development.

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