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President Hu calls for closer co-op among five major developing nations


Chinese President Hu Jintao (2nd R) pose for photos with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (1st R), Mexican President Felipe Calderon (C), Brazilian President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (2nd L) and South African President Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki before their meeting in Sapporo, northern Japan, July 8, 2008. [Xinhua Photo]

Chinese President Hu Jintao Tuesday called on five major developing nations to enhance cooperation and coordination for the sake of common development.

Leaders from China, India, Brazil, South Africa and Mexico gathered in Sapporo, capital of Hokkaido, northern Japan, Tuesday to exchange views on the issues of common concern.

They were meeting on the eve of an outreach session of the Group of Eight (G8) summit, slated for Wednesday in the northern Japanese resort of Toyako.

In a speech delivered at the collective meeting, President Hu said developing countries are an important force in upholding world peace and promoting common development.

As the five major developing countries take up 42 percent of the world's population and 12 percent of the world's GDP, closer coordination and cooperation among them will not only contribute to their own development, but also "enhance South-South cooperation, promote North-South dialogue and advance the noble cause of peace and development of mankind," he said.

Recognizing that a coordination mechanism among the five countries has taken initial shape, Hu proposed the priority areas of strengthening solidarity, promoting coordination and common development, and advancing dialogue as well as fulfilling responsibilities, in which the five emerging economies should build on their achievements and continue their efforts.

On soaring food prices, the Chinese president called on the five countries to jointly encourage the international community to play a more active role in ensuring food security.

Hu also expressed heartfelt thanks on behalf of the Chinese government and people to the four countries for their strong support for and sincere assistance to China's rescue and relief endeavors following a devastating earthquake that hit China's Sichuan province on May 12.

At the outreach session of the G8, leaders of the eight major industrialized nations, China and the other countries invited to the meeting will discuss the pressing issues facing the world today, such as the world economy, climate change, food and energy security.

The G8, an informal forum of leading industrialized nations, groups Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Japan, the United States, Canada and Russia.

The G8 has strengthened links and dialogue with developing countries in recent years. Such a trend has helped advance the South-North dialogue and cooperation, push forward the development of multilateralism, and promote the resolution of global issues. 

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